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030. Arnold Disses Kai Greene… Twice

April 26, 2016

Arnold belittles Kai for doing what he claimed to do in 1980   Arnold’s memory seems to be shorter than ours (especially since we just heard him tell his story of his 1980 experience last week.) Before unwrapping the gift that keeps on giving, Randy introduces the new podcast summary that gets released with each episode. […]

029. Arnold Speaks On His 1980 Comeback

April 18, 2016

Arnold’s Reasons For His 1980 Comeback Just when you thought it was safe to move on from the 1980 Mr. Olympia… A question from a reader sucked us right back into the thick of one of the most controversial Mr. Olympias ever! Anthony Corradini asked Randy why he brushed over Arnold’s own remarks concerning his […]

028. Post-Workout Nutrition (Part 3 of 3)

April 13, 2016

Post Workout Nutrition – Part 3 of 3 How can you maximize the effect of your workout once you’re done?  How do you harness that “magic moment” when your muscles are starving for nutrition? Randy and Tamas wrap up this mini series by looking at the history of post workout nutrition. What the experts have done in […]

027. Mid-Workout Nutrition (Part 2 of 3)

Mid Workout Nutrition – Part 2 of 3 What evolution has mid workout nutrition gone through? What did the old timers do during their workouts?  Randy goes WAY back to the late 1800’s to demonstrate the diversity of what can work. A listener also clarifies a piece of information from the previous episode and sends Randy on […]

026. Pre Workout Nutrition Part I

March 28, 2016

Pre Workout Nutrition – Part 1 of 3 What are the benefits and implications of a workout nutrition strategy? After two shows on supplementation it seemed only appropriate  to follow with a three part  series on… supplementation.  Actually, the  three shows will deal with  pre, mid, and post workout supplementation and nutrition.     Anything to jazz […]

025. Protein Powders

March 21, 2016

Protein Powders As with a few of our previous podcasts, our supplement show raised enough questions to bring a part 2, particularly on protein powders. This question by far has been the most prevalently asked over the years by both lifters and nonlifters or  those simply looking for a fast meal. Protein powders are the […]

024. History Of Supplements

March 14, 2016

History of Supplements What’s the best supplement to get lean?  What should I take to put on muscle faster?  Have you heard of this new supplement?  What do you think of it? Questions like those come our way daily. Although Randy’s been writing on the history of bodybuilding and its related issues such as drugs and […]

023. Randy’s Radical Claim

February 22, 2016

Download PDF Transcript Radical Chinning Claim It’s time for Randy to put up or shut up about his new chinning station that he has been boasting about for some time now. He claims that there is nothing out there like it, at least as far as he knows and he thinks he knows everything. Actually, […]