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025. Protein Powders

Protein Powders

As with a few of our previous podcasts, our supplement show raised enough questions to bring a part 2, particularly on protein powders.

This question by far has been the most prevalently asked over the years by both lifters and nonlifters or  those simply looking for a fast meal.

Protein powders are the Holy Grail of the bodybuilding supplement train and you may be surprised at what comes out in this podcast.

00:44 Randy mentioned that this is the biggest question that he ever received over the years. Randy added that he sold protein powder, ultrafiltrated whey protein powders and realized that he didn’t think it was good. It was not a natural food, it was a fractionated and in long-term, a degenerative food.

01:59 Randy explained what whey is. Whey is the byproduct of making cheese. The cheese curd will separate and coagulate and separate from the whey.

03:55 Randy mentioned that anytime you take the liquid to a powder and anytime you take the liquid out of the powder there is processing and there is always heat.

08:40 Tamas pointed out that people are taking everything apart and then they put it back thinking that its better than it was when we took it apart, a very good example of which is yogurt. People are pushing the probiotic yogurt, first they pasteurized to kill all the bacteria that’s in it, then they other strains of bacteria back into the dead pasteurized yogurt and now it is the latest and the greatest thing and everyone should have probiotic yogurt that’s what keeps you healthy, instead of having the yogurt on its own in its natural state that had the
natural probiotic on it, to begin with.

11:45 Randy talks about how soy took them a long time to get grass status from the FDA as generally recognized as safe.

22:06 Randy summarized that protein powder is a fractionated food, they are processed and long term it creates a degenerative process because the body has to supply those missing synergies from its own resources and tissues and eventually it will wear you down, he advised that people need to go with the real food as much as you can.

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Joe Breen

Great show guys, I really liked where you were going at the end of this episode Randy about statin drugs and the ignorance of modern medical doctors and their lack of knowledge of diet and exercise. Looking forward to your article in muscle sport mag, I myself would like to put some articles in that magazine in the near future. I think it would be interesting to get an episode on how Rheo H Blair was able to get those results with Charles Welling. Keep up the good work guys.

Jim Bryan

Another good one!!

Michael P

Yes I did the Arginine/Orthinine thing for a long time. Sometimes it use to make me wretch just getting it down in the powder form mixed with water……….ugh…………….I started make real progress in my 30’s when I stopped reading muscle/fitness magazines and moved towards real food. Now when I research the ad rates in some magazines approaching $100K for a full page it’s easier to understand it all. Live, learn and pass it on.

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