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023. Randy’s Radical Claim

Radical Chinning Claim

It’s time for Randy to put up or shut up about his new chinning station that he has been boasting about for some time now.

He claims that there is nothing out there like it, at least as far as he knows and he thinks he knows everything.

Actually, his new  chin setup is pretty nifty as I saw it for myself when I visited him, shot a bit of film and took some pics of it last weekend.

Watching a blind guy climb around on his rack that holds the chin station, I was hoping to catch a near Darwin award or at least a good YouTube moment, but Randy seemed to prevail  with his demonstration that accompanies this podcast.

I think you will find this little chin up contraption pretty innovative.  It really does seem to be a one stop shop  on any chin orientation one could want.

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Randy demoing his chin station:


Randy Demoing the IPR:


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Terry Strand

As a trainer/bodybuilder/lifter for my whole life, I can assure anyone that Randy is the iron guru of gurus. His knowledge of the weight room and weight room history is unsurpassed. Pullups are superior to the lat machine and a ‘must do’ for all fitness and strength aficionados in that they are real world moves, not just tugging at a machine. Randy has optimized the ability to correctly position the handles on his rig for a anatomically neutral grip without the need for extreme pronation or supination. He has my whole-hearted support. Kudos, Randy, for your contributions to the iron game.

Robert Saar

Very cool Randy, really appreciate you posting for us!!

Leon Sohn

Randy Roach is not only a great trainer, author, equipment builder, and resistance trainer himself, he’s also a great person and friend. It’s rare to find a person with his knowledge and stature in the bodybuilding community that is also a kind and humble human being. Congratulations Randy on your new book and equipment!

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