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035. The Key To Health, Strength, Size And Longevity

The #1 Process That Determines Everything You’ve heard us discuss training, history, nutrition, supplementation amongst other topics so far. For example: Vegetarianism VS Meat eating. Heck, you even heard Arnold recommend we all eat less meat, or better yet, stop eating meat all together. There’s been very little mention of the one thing that influences […]

034. Milk is for babies?

Is milk really for babies only? You often hear: “Humans are the only species who drink another animal’s milk”. Arnold’s famous for saying from Pumping Iron: “Milk is for babies”. Doctors and naturopaths also tell you to avoid milk because it’s highly allergenic. Today’s episode will distinguish between different types of milk and why milk […]

033. What Makes Athletes Faster, Better, Stronger?

What’s the cause of improved athletic performance? There’s no denying athletic performance has been increasing over the years.  World records are steadily being broken. The question is: What can this increase be attributed to? David Epstein presented a Ted talk about what he considers the answer to the question. Randy agrees mostly except he believes the […]