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030. Arnold Disses Kai Greene… Twice

Arnold belittles Kai for doing what he claimed to do in 1980


Arnold’s memory seems to be shorter than ours (especially since we just heard him tell his story of his 1980 experience last week.)

Before unwrapping the gift that keeps on giving, Randy introduces the new podcast summary that gets released with each episode.

The fangs come out right after that as two bewildering clips are shared from The Arnold Classic USA and Australia.

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 Hosts:  Randy Roach and Tamas Acs

 Episode #30 

Arnold Ditches Kai

In This Episode:

Clips from both the 2016 Arnold Classic in Ohio and Australia of Arnold denigrading his winner, Kai Greene

Should Arnold leave the IFBB?

Episode Summary

Randy began by refreshing the listeners on his Post Podcast Comments from the previous week:

“In a late 2014 interview, Frank Zane told me that he had not heard Arnold Schwarzenegger speak negatively about anyone in the previous 10 years.  Frank was most likely correct as Arnold had become quite a seasoned politician through that span of time.  Arnold was in fact far more diplomatic in his February 2007 interview with Pro Bodybuilding Weekly about his return to bodybuilding in 1980 when compared to what he told Charles Gaines in 1981:”

“I wanted to have a good time with the whole thing. To go there, see them all be surprised, see them all freak out and have diarrhea, you know?  And be confused and be upset about it, and have a career that they had planned for themselves go down the tube in two seconds.” (“Pumping Iron: Revised”, 1981)

During the week following the podcast Josh Trentine asked if Randy had heard Arnold ditching Kai Green when awarding him first place at the 2016 Arnold Classic

Tamas played the first of two clips beginning with the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio

Arnold wanted Kai to know that when it came to physical development, Cedric McMillan was ahead  in points and Kai only pulled it out with the posing round

This year the posing was scored as a separate round

Cedric had won round one pre-judging comparisons 6-9

Kai won round three final comparisons 7-9

Cedric was ahead of Kai by two points in the comparison rounds, but Kai won round two posing by 5-10 giving him the win

Tamas mentioned the irony of Arnold denouncing Kai’s victory via his posing after somewhat bragging about winning the 1980 Mr. Olympia in the same manner during his 2007 interview with Pro Bodybuilding Weekly

Tamas played the second clip which took place one week later at the Arnold Classic in Australia

Randy called Arnold a “dick” for purposefully trying to embarrass Kai when asking Kai to do a double biceps shot with a vacuum knowing  Kai could not do a vacuum

Arnold had made his opinion about large stomachs known publicly at his last year’s 2015 Arnold Classic

Randy did not think it was appropriate to attack the winner of his show

Tamas also pointed out that it was senseless to attack the athletes as they were simply following what the IFBB judges had been awarding

Randy conceded that he has never been able to see Kai nor Cedric

Tamas pointed out that Cedric is much taller with a much tighter waist then the  competition

Kai is incredibly muscular and a better showman

Randy asked, if Arnold is so unhappy with the judging, why he does not drop the IFBB

Randy has asked this question before to others in the industry

He feels the pros will follow the money

Lee Thompson’s lawsuit against the NPC and IFBB came up and how it could change the dynamics of competitive bodybuilding

Randy does not feel that outside of the Mr. Olympia, the IFBB has much to offer in terms of pro events

Tamas added how the deaths of both Joe and Ben would no longer have Arnold bound by any allegiance    

The question was asked about Jim Lorimer’s loyalty to the IFBB if any

The financial viability  of pro bodybuilding was also brought up as to whether it was subsidized by the fitness expos surrounding the physique events

Randy’s article for MuscleSport magazine, “The American Muscle Monopoly”  was  mentioned and how it would be published for the beginning of May

Again, the pertinence of Thompson’s anti-trust lawsuit was brought up as it is the centre-piece of Randy’s article


Randy updated listeners on his upcoming article for Joe Pietaro’s  MuscleSport magazine, “The American Muscle Monopoly”.  Randy and Tamas will do a show on this article when it is published later in April of 2016  

Tamas announced he’s working on a book project based on tips he had written over the years 

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Joe Breen

Good show guys looking forward to your book Tamas

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