026. Pre Workout Nutrition Part I – The World Of Muscle

026. Pre Workout Nutrition Part I

Pre Workout Nutrition – Part 1 of 3

What are the benefits and implications of a workout nutrition strategy?

After two shows on supplementation it seemed only appropriate  to follow with a three part  series on… supplementation.  Actually, the  three shows will deal with  pre, mid, and post workout supplementation and nutrition.     Anything to jazz up the workout whether before or after you exercise has been the rage of the fitness industry for the past 30  years since more intense exercise was  finally accepted  as being cool on all fronts. 

Today’s opener will look at the  popular strategies  for stoking the furnace just before one hits any athletic arena, gym,court or field.  Just how are the athletes prepping themselves in terms of:


Stay tuned for part 2 when we will  examine what the athletes (that might actually include Randy and I) do during their workouts both past and present.

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Part 2 of the series

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