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012. Mr. America 2015 Recap

August 21, 2015

We made the trek, met some great people, watched the 2015 Mr. America and made it back home. This is how the 2015 Mr. America went down through the eyes of Tamas and the ears of Randy.   01:08 Randy talks about the atmosphere of the show. He found it very good, found a good […]

010. Going to Mr. America 2015

Randy has finally got off the fence and decided to go to the 2015 Mr. America in Rochester, NY on August 8th. Randy’s colossal plan is to “park” and listen in on what the legends and other surprise guests have to say. Your iTunes reviews are read out regarding our show (thank you for leaving them!) […]

009. Custom Built Triceps Machine

This episode covers a visit to Randy’s gym to try out his new triceps machine he had been raving so much about. We cover the mechanics of this machine and compare it to its free weight counterpart that Randy stated he used for years before any machine was adequate enough to match or even surpass […]

008. History Of Steroids

When did steroids enter the world of muscle? This debate has been going on for decades and will likely continue for some time. In this episode, you’ll discover how steroids came about and what they were meant to be used for. Did Steve Reeves use it to win his Mr. America title?   1:05 Randy […]

007. Mr. America – Rebooted

The Mr. America title is still much more well known in the general public than the Mr. Olympia title. Established in 1939 by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), it had a 60-year run. Listen to this episode to find out its colorful history and the trials and tribulations it went through before it hung up […]

006. Endless uses of E-Z Bars

If you’ve ever wondered how many ways you can use E-Z bars, this episode might be able to help fill the gap.  Their use is only limited by your imagination and they hold a myriad of benefits over straight bars, both for the beginner and the advanced alike. Randy has even done the unthinkable with […]

005. New Experimental Drug: SARM

Even, though it’s strictly for experimental studies on animals, when has that ever stopped the curious bodybuilder from pushing the envelope? In this episode, you’ll hear what the daring will try for the hope to be slightly ahead of the curve and learn what bodybuilders in the past have experimented with at the potential cost […]

004. Mayweather vs Pacquiao

It was advertised as the “Fight Of The Century” and “Pound For Pound Greatness” but as you may know, it left quite a bit to be desired. The hype even got Randy to do what he decided never to do again…. which was to buy another pay-per-view event.  Listen to this episode to hear this […]