005. New Experimental Drug: SARM – The World Of Muscle

005. New Experimental Drug: SARM

Even, though it’s strictly for experimental studies on animals, when has that ever stopped the curious bodybuilder from pushing the envelope?

In this episode, you’ll hear what the daring will try for the hope to be slightly ahead of the curve and learn what bodybuilders in the past have experimented with at the potential cost of their health.

1:00 Randy talks about the meaning of SARMS ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). It is not a steroid, it is not being prescribed by any physicians right now, it is in the research stage and it is classified as research chemicals. Muscle builders are experimenting with it and they are saying that it builds muscle and has a connection with Androgen Receptors in taking up protein synthesis without affecting testosterone.

02:36 Randy explained that there are still notable side effects of SARMs and these bodybuilders who are getting used to these kinds of compounds are making themselves as guinea pigs.

03:31 Randy mentioned that it really was in the 90s that the bodybuilders started to really pick up stacking these anabolic steroids. They got into growth hormones, insulin which is extremely dangerous.

05:04 Randy discussed what recombinant DNA. Recombinant DNA is basically taking DNA fragments from DNA sources and combining them and they are using a bacterium to produce growth hormone, insulin, and amino acid.

06:28 Randy explained that Insulin became popular in the 90s too.but it was dangerous because insulin death could be imminent if not mitigated properly because too much insulin could drive your glucose to the floor and create hypoglycemic comma or what is known as insulin shock.

06:51 Randy explained that Insulin is anabolic, it affects receptors of the muscles to take up carbohydrates and also has other systemic effects signaling for amino acid uptake as well.

09:03 Randy mentioned that there are many things that the bodybuilders will engage by means of building muscle and SARMS being one of the latest.

09:19 Tamas mentioned about the close calls when using insulin and these are the reported ones, imagine the unknowns who have experimented with it.

10:47 Randy explained that whatever you do with your diet, you really have to consider a higher fat diet and a moderate to low protein and carbohydrate because the least amount of insulin you use, the better.

12:50 Randy pointed out that it is anybody’s business if they want to take steroids. It is fine if take it as long as they don’t compete in competitions that don’t take drugs. “Don’t say you are not taking it and compete on a natural show”.

18:00 Randy was quoted in the magazine about the athletes taking insulin in 1990 with the risk of taking a compound that could kill you.



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Joe Breen

Great show guys, I was especially interested in Randy’s comments on the High Fat Diet being good for those who have diabetes. This is very exciting stuff, and it would be great to have guests on the show who can expand on the health benefits not just for bodybuilders, but how this can be used as preventive medicine. Keep Up The Good Work Guys.!


    Hi Joe, our show really at this point is not big enough for bringing in guests, but this could change. Tamas and I will be doing many more shows on nutrition. My biggest challenge is to shut up as I can go for hours on end.

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