011. Randy’s 45 Pound Weight Gain At Age 55 – Part 1 – The World Of Muscle

011. Randy’s 45 Pound Weight Gain At Age 55 – Part 1

In this episode, we cover what we alluded to in a previous episode.  Randy’s 45-pound weight gain.

Likely due to a skin condition Randy dropped from a 185-190 lbs down to the low 160s.

He describes in this first part over 27 minutes exactly what he did and how long it took him to get to a comfortable 208 lbs at the tender age of 55 over 8 months.

00:47 Tamas introduced the podcast topic. Tamas and Randy talk about Randy’s weight gain and loss which is also termed as a “yo-yo diet”

01:45 Randy mentioned that he gained about 45lbs.He mentioned that he had this skin condition that he is dealing with which brought about the change of weight.

05:19 Randy pointed out that his histamine cup is full and he has to be careful of certain foods that have more histamine.

05:28 Randy added that we live in a culture where our diets have changed.

09:14 Randy mentioned that he has to up his calories with raw dairies, protein, carbs, and starch.

09:54 Randy mentioned that he trained 3 times a week and still recover and noticed that he started getting bigger.

10:57 Tamas asked how much did Randy have to eat. Randy mentioned that he almost had 40% more.

16:50 Randy discussed his training, before dropping the weight. Randy mentioned that his training stayed basically the same, his sessions never exceeded an hour.

19:02 Tamas asked Randy about the difference of the training when he was gaining weight. Randy mentioned that there’s not much difference.

21:49 Tamas summarized that Randy has a skin condition which increased his body heat which made him lose a lot of calories and lost around 30 lbs. Randy was getting weak and he has to up his calories and roughly over 6 months, Randy was above what he used to be which 208 lbs.

24:15 Randy mentioned that they weren’t any downfall at all.

24:50 Randy pointed out that the take away is that if people would like to build muscles, they have to eat.

26:57 Tamas mentioned about the importance of recovery and rest.

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Terry Strand

Randy, you are the most excellent iron historian writing today. And these podcasts are the icing on the cake. Keep it up, my iron brother. I will pass this on to Bob Gajda, Bill Seno, and the whole Chicago gang!!!

Jancel Conroy

Very interesting subject. Love the first book I’m on my way to reading the second one. It’s a great tribute to bodybuilding but I’ve realized that it is more than just that it really explains our history from agriculture to physical culture. My question is what do you think about the Mike mentzer diet the 60% carbs 25% protein 15% fats. There is only one bodybuilder that I have seen that that uses this and he would be John Hart . He’s recently won mr. America. He is also a natural bodybuilder. The other one that does use this is Mike metzer’s protege Markus Reinhardt but I think he is a follower of the anabolic kind so that’s why that that might work for him. What do you think just a question.

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