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012. Mr. America 2015 Recap

We made the trek, met some great people, watched the 2015 Mr. America and made it back home.

This is how the 2015 Mr. America went down through the eyes of Tamas and the ears of Randy.


01:08 Randy talks about the atmosphere of the show. He found it very good, found a good vibe.

04:22 Randy and Tamas wen through the names/personalities that they have met on the show.

11:41 Randy mentioned that the there are around 200 – 250 people in attendance, Randy discussed about what he think what they had to do to improve the show. Randy thought that the show was not advertised.

12:26 Tamas mentioned that they (organizers) had only three months since the idea was born.

12:36 Randy thought that there still wasn’t adequate advertising for the show, there are still many people who have no idea it was running and whou should have known that the show was running.

13:01 Randy thought that the way they are running it right now is not going to work. Randy mentioned that they can’t compete witht the NPC if they were running it this way.

14:54 Randy mentioned that back in the 70s and 80s drew all sorts of audiences, especially in the pros, very few are family members, most of them are general public because they want to see bodybuilding and that is not the way it is today.

15:20 Randy feels that if Mr. America wants to be successful, they have to make the brand Mr. America targeted to a whole different audience based on who is Mr. America.

15:31 Randy suggested that they have to go back to 1950s and define Mr. America as a good looking guy, marketable, intelligent. athletic and well built.The physique should be scored more along the lines of symmetry, size, and muscularity, in that order.

17:03 Randy mentioned that Mr. America would like to be successful, they have to be able to draw big audience and the only way to do that is to have good loooking athletes who are very marketable outside of bodybuilding.

17:29 How do you do that? Randy discussed that they need to change how they score it. Mr. America should be educated, should have a college degree, they have to be able to express their intelligence through their education or through a successful business.

19:17 Tamas added that Mr. America should represent health and vitality.

20:26 Randy thought that there should be drug tested, they could do it low key. That way they can say that Mr. America is drug-free.

23:00 Tamas asked Randy if he is going to attend again and Randy said yes!



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Jim Bryan

Thanks Randy & Tamas!

lou figueroa

Guys, do you have any photos of those greatest old school bodybuilding GODS ?

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