008. History Of Steroids – The World Of Muscle

008. History Of Steroids

When did steroids enter the world of muscle?

This debate has been going on for decades and will likely continue for some time.

In this episode, you’ll discover how steroids came about and what they were meant to be used for.

Did Steve Reeves use it to win his Mr. America title?


1:05 Randy talks about the topic, steroids, to give the general listener what steroids are, what they are, where they came from when they came into sports, what was there impact on sports, what was there impact on the society.

02:47 Randy talks about an old advertisement by CIBA Pharmaceuticals advertising meta testosterone based on the muscle building community.

03:28 Randy mentioned that Steve Reeve was accused of using steroids back in the day just to prepare for a movie.

05:04 Randy mentioned that steroid came in around 1960s and Tamas asked in what sports did it start with.

07:30 Randy discussed that some of the weightlifters are finally starting to wake up to it, they cannot decide what was making them stronger. Is it the isometrics or the hypnosis only to find out that it is the little pill that’s helping them out.

10:29 Randy mentioned that steroids are used to help accelerate the healing of injuries but these athletes are taking huge doses.

12:05 Athletes are recasted as villains and cheaters because of steroids.

12:43 Randy mentioned that the only way for the athletes to compete on the top level is to take the drugs but then they have to go and prepare to lie away their teeth about it.

12:49 Tamas mentioned that everyone else is taking it, so they are not cheating. Randy added that the biggest market is the gym.

13:57 Tamas mentioned that steroids have started earlier than he previously thought and it seems that it is not going anytime soon. Randy added that steroids is evolving.

15:20 Randy and Tamas mentioned that steroids have detrimental effect, it could be physical and at the same time mental.



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Hello Randy,
Years ago I had a contact with Jim Murray from the old York gang and associate editor of Strength & Health from 51 to 55 or so. So many great stories. I had heard, not from Jim Murray, that the 52 Mr. America had used some form of animal steroid as a test. His name was Jim Park. Jim Park along with so many have passed away from that period. I thought I would pass this along.


    Hi John, I do know that Jim Park, John Grimek, and Yas Kuzuhara worked with John Ziegler back around 1954 with testosterone applications. The Park did comment on the great effect on the libido, but I don’t think Ziegler carried the experiment too long according to Grimek. Irv Johnson had Nilivar later in the 1950s, but Park had already parted ways with him to York. I had not heard anything about Jim Park using anything else. As Johnson comented decades back, Park was a very bulky guy by genetics and really only needed to cut off some body fat which he helped him do.

    May I ask where you attained your information?

terry brown

Great topic & and Randy has great knowledge!


    Hi Terry, I have spoken to many who have great knowledge. 😉

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