037. The Indoctrination – Part 2 – The World Of Muscle

037. The Indoctrination – Part 2

The Raw Food Series is no longer available  through this avenue.

The series was run for several months for free but has now been removed and packaged for sale for a very moderate cost.

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Mike P

Really enjoy all your podcasts. Don’t worry those that speak the truth are labeled as wackos so you are safe. Would love to see you post your reading list.

Also going back to the previous podcast what do you think about food being a source of electrons charging the human body which acts like a battery of stored energy in the form of electrons with raw food including meats, milk, etc being a source of more electrons. Similar concept as earthing or leaving near the sea etc. Many don’t buy into any of this because of course their beliefs are shaped by marketing and there is no money to be made walking around barefoot.

Great information it’s all connected and if you can understand where your beliefs are coming from you can then start to question what you believe.



    Thanks for your kind words and topics you brought up.

    We will most likely be covering these subjects in the series.


Dwayne Mayor

Randy & Tamas,

Love the programming but you are quite wrong when you claim Sanders’ “heavily socialist” agenda would have been laughed out of the country. His agenda is almost a carbon copy of FDR’s New Deal and his planned economic bill of rights. Harry Truman’s Fair Deal, Kennedy’s New Frontier, Johnson’s Great Society were all collectivist schemes extremely popular with the public. Sanders “socialism” is little more than traditional New Deal liberalism, whose historic function was to maintain social stability in a capitalist system (which tends towards concentration of wealth, cycles of mass unemployment, inequality, etc.).

Moreover, the indoctrination in colleges has been in quite the opposite direction since the 1980s towards neoliberalism—free trade, free markets, free flow of capital, deregulation.



    When speaking off the cuff about Bernie Sanders platform getting laughed out of the country I should have been a bit more specific in stating that I was referring to those astute to the constitution as opposed to the average Joe. Joe six-pack as most Americans have become labeled does not unfortunately know who he/she is voting for or why. How many do you believe voted for Obama simply because he was black? Probably the same number who will vote for Hillary because she is a woman. This seems to be the case with Oprah as she looks to vote only to break ceilings

    FDR needed a depression to pass his New Deal around 1933. This began that three year span that Norman Dodd stated experienced such government shift that it could have constituted a revolution. I interpreted Dodd’s statement as meaning that FDR would not have got away with it had it not been during those very trying years

    Whether it was Kennedy’s New Frontier or Johnson’s chicken in every pot, the general public had been led along to surrender freedoms to bigger and bigger government. When you lead a population to believe they can vote themselves entitlements simply by electing a specific party then you end up where the US is today with almost 50% of its population receiving those entitlements in a country almost 20 trillion in debt. The problem with Bernie is that he basically wants free everything.

    Actually Dwayne I really don’t even care. It is worthless to debate the defined terminologies: neo-liberalism, neo con nationalism etc. as this is exactly how they set up the ideological teeter-totter for us to debate while they continuously indoctrinate and move us into world government

Joe Breen

This is beyond brilliant you guys are continuing to challenge the myths and misconceptions that are pushed on us daily by the powers that be, keep up the good work guys!


    Thanks for your support Joe!

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