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047. Carbohydrates – Friend or Foe?
Carbohydrates What are carbohydrates? What do the different types do for you? Can you handle them? Randy goes through the[...]
046. Raw Food Series Summary – Raw Food Part 10
Raw Food Series Summary It's taken 9 episodes to cover the what, why and how of raw food eating. This episode[...]
045. Raw Food Eating Tips – Raw Food Part 9
Raw Food Eating Tips / Recipes In this episode you'll hear what Randy and Tamas first started eating raw. Starting[...]
044. The 2016 US Presidential Nominations Conventions
The latest on the 2016 US Presidential Nominations Conventions   This episode covers the incredible division the media is creating[...]
043. The Cholesterol Factor – Raw Food Part 8
Is Cholesterol Really Bad? You've likely grown up reading and hearing that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. It's[...]
042. The Fear Factor – Raw Food Part 7
The Fear (Factor) Of The Unknown When you do something different than the majority of society, you're bound to be[...]
041. The Yuck Factor – Raw Food Part 6
What is it like to eat raw meat? How bad must it get before one even considers it? This episode[...]
040. Why Raw? – Raw Food Part 5
Why would anyone want to eat raw meat? You must be wondering what the hoopla is about raw eating that[...]
039. The Hegelian Dialectic – Raw Food Part 4
The Hegelian Dialectic And The Orlando Shooting What does the Orlando shooting have to do with raw food eating you[...]
038. The Big Dietary Dumb-Down – Part 3
The Big Dietary Dumb-Down The best way to derail progress is to nip it in the bud. In the case[...]

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