043. The Cholesterol Factor – Raw Food Part 8 – The World Of Muscle

043. The Cholesterol Factor – Raw Food Part 8

The Raw Food Series is no longer available  through this avenue.

The series was run for several months for free but has now been removed and packaged for sale for a very moderate cost.

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M Petrus

That whole fear factor and the many ways it is used is an interesting aspect of marketing and control. I was about 30 when I started to wake up at least when it came to nutrition and yes the fear was there and it took time to overcome. If we are always moving towards pleasure and away from pain with death being the ultimate pain then all the controllers need to do is associate death with something. Makes changing one’s behavior very difficult as the seeds of doubt are already planted in one’s mind. Even when we can overcome them we then need to overcome the tribe. Plenty of systems set up. What do you do go against the social proof the system has set up or go with the alternative that seems to make more sense when it’s fully explained? The system will run its campaign of attack against the alternative and drive that wedge of doubt even deeper. Tough decisions for many when they simply do not have enough real information. Guess there is no choice, they have to go for the standard treatment, protocol, product, etc. The one that brings in the generous revenues.

The story from the previous podcast about the doctor who advised her dying mother not to eat raw as she might get an infection or something and die illustrates the point perfectly. Right out of the pages of the Milligam experiment always bow to authority even if its your daughter.

I have “Cereal Killer” on the shelf along with hundreds of others. My philosophy is if you can read one book a week by someone who has at least 20 years of experience over the course of 1 year you will have gained 1000 years of experience. Start multiplying that over years and that is when you start waking up. It’s also why I loved the “Bodybuilding Smoke and Mirrors” set.

A well known quote by Timothy Leary is to “find the others” you guys are the others. I’m definitely on the same frequency.

Joe Breen

All great points I came upon this diet at 19 so it wasn’t that hard to adapt but but I can tell you my parents were freaked out, I,went to my mothers doctor who was dumbfounded when my cholesterol was better then people on a low fat diet that’s when like Tamas says I bothered going to a doctor

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