045. Raw Food Eating Tips – Raw Food Part 9 – The World Of Muscle

045. Raw Food Eating Tips – Raw Food Part 9

The Raw Food Series is no longer available  through this avenue.

The series was run for several months for free but has now been removed and packaged for sale for a very moderate cost.

Click this link http://www.theworldofmuscle.com/raw/ for more information.

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Michael P

I did a tremendous amount of juicing about 30 years ago all part of my own journey. I had the king of juicers the Norwalk press plus a commercial citrus juicer and a Vitamixer. At that time I was going through a 50lb bag of carrots a week along with other vegetables and yes I had the orange hands. I worked in the nightclub business and would also have 2 trays of wheatgrass delivered on Fridays. The customers would just stare and be like what the ****. Of course I was the recipient of quite a few comments but I didn’t care I was intent on doing my thing and I will get back to this point.

Now I just use a green slow masticating type of juicer and the amounts are minimal. One of my favorite recipes for vegetables is to ferment cabbage and cauliflower using a special strain of bacteria that is suppose to bring out more of the vitamin K and the process takes about a week. Once that is complete I do a second ferment taking half a quart of the first ferment and adding that to a gallon jar filled with blueberries and 2 juiced non gmo beets and that ferment is about 24 hours before it turns too much to alcohol. Great way to reduce the sugar in the berries to almost zero while still receiving the nutritional benefits.

I also add raw butter to my raw egg shakes, tastes fantastic

One of the hardest issues to deal with is getting those around you to understand that you might not be open to what they are offering in the way of food. Food is such an important part of our social interaction that many simply cannot accept no without being offended. One memory stands out for me when at a dinner gathering I was offered an deep fried, sugar coated pastry. I politely declined the first two offers but this person was insistence and by the third attempt I had almost lost my patience. Maybe sometime in the future this topic could be discussed. I would like to learn what others do in these situations. What I would really like to tell people would probably cause me to lose many friends.

My mom still offers me bread when I’m there for dinner to go with the thoroughly cooked dry to the bone piece of meat which of course I eat……………..hey it’s my mom, I guess I compromise every so often.

Adam Reid

I’m confused about raw cheese. It would seem that most cheese labeled ‘raw’ simply used raw milk but was then heated to near-pasteurization temps during cheese making process. I would assume that this would kill most of the benefit.

Are there any commercially available cheeses that you guys know about that aren’t heated to an extreme degree?

I also clabber my milk (delicious!) but sometimes time things wrong and wind up with curds and whey. I’ll still shake this up and gulp it down (not as delicious!) Any ideas what to do with the leftover whey if quark cheese is made instead?

Really enjoying the podcasts…been eating mostly raw since 2010. No huge mass gains, but the difference regarding how I feel both in general and post-meals is night and day.

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