044. The 2016 US Presidential Nominations Conventions – The World Of Muscle

044. The 2016 US Presidential Nominations Conventions

The latest on the 2016 US Presidential Nominations Conventions


This episode covers the incredible division the media is creating between and even within the parties.

The regularly scheduled series on raw food is interrupted for the latest happenings with the US presidential nominations conventions.

This is history in the making.  Randy calls this the most important US election of all time.

He runs through how both sides of the media portray the nominations and the nominees.

Randy also gives his predictions as to what may happen if Hillary wins and if Donald wins.

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Hosts: Randy Roach and Tamas Acs

Episode #44

The 2016 US Presidential Nomination Conventions

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Episode Summary and Updating:

This was a little longer podcast dealing with the current US presidential conventions where both the democratic and republican parties officially nominated their candidates that will square off in November of this year for the title of president of the United States

Randy and Tamas said they would continue with their raw food series in the next episode

Randy discussed how he viewed both conventions

The republicans held their convention first from Monday July 18th to Thursday July 21 in Cleveland, Ohio

The democrats held their convention the very next week beginning on Monday the 25th through Thursday the 18th of July

Randy listened to Donald Trump via CNN and was surprised at how their panel went from a vicious attack on Trump following his speech to suddenly toning it down in a matter of minutes

Randy suspected immediately that someone in a higher position in CNN instructed the panel to settle down

It turned out that while they were on the attack, they realized from their in-house focus group and their 20 million viewers that the panel was not at all reflecting the opinions of their viewers who gave Trump a 75% approval for his speech

Wiki Leaks followed the republican convention by releasing many emails hacked from the DNC’s (Democratic National Committee) server

The emails clearly showed that the DNC did conspire to rig the election for Hillary Clinton

They also had inflammatory language regarding many sacred cows of the democratic party

The democrats panicked over this release and quickly moved to spin the narrative over to a Russian/Trump collaboration that accused the Russians of hacking the DNC’s server in order to favour a Trump victory in November

The democratic convention got off to a shaky start with the disclosure of a rigged primary for Hillary

The delegates for Bernie were furious already regarding the super delegates and the proof from the emails confirming a rigged system compounded the issue

Bernie in Randy’s opinion had no choice but to fall in line with the Clinton machinery

The media did not give a lot of attention to the dissension both inside and outside the convention hall

Hillary had more star power speaking at her convention, but Trump out-drew her in ratings by almost three million viewers in a head to head Thursday night comparison of their two speeches

All through the weekend news cycle there was no talk over the content of the DNC’s hacked emails as all attention was deflected from that subject over to a Trump/Russian connection

Randy and Tamas spoke of the movie Clinton Cash which exposed the cash for favour operation conducted by Bill and Hillary Clinton and their 501-C3 Clinton Foundation

Randy feels that the video and book by Peter Schweizer are very accurate since Schweizer has not been sued for slander or defamation

Randy still feels that this is the most crucial election in US history that will effect Canada and the rest of the world

He states that if you like America and Canada similar to how they were through the mid to latter 20th century than whether you like Trump or not you must vote for him

If you believe in Hillary’s progressive plan, which is shared by many republicans, that call for more open borders and much bigger government than vote for Hillary

Randy states that a vote for Hillary will guarantee that Canada, US and Mexico will be moved into a region facilitating a movement further towards world government

All of this should make for a crazy next three months and some potentially wild debates beginning in September

Trump is already protesting the current scheduling of the debates which he points out two of them have been purposefully scheduled during primetime NFL games

Hillary received similar protection from viewers during her debates with Sanders via very awkward scheduling


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Jim Bryan

Randy Gets it!!!!!!!!!

M Petrus

This is all entertainment for mass consumption in my opinion same as every other election cycle. Give people hope and something to help further divide them while those really in control move their agenda forward.

So let me get this straight. Trump is going to join the Global Gambino family and make them fly the straight and narrow. Is he doing this alone or is he bringing some guys with him…………..lol………………..I wish I could be optimistic but its too far gone. Good guys don’t get into politics and the ones that do learn quickly that it’s a very dirty business and if they stay good they don’t last too long. The few that do are marginalized.

I believe they could take Trump down anytime they want yet they are not doing that at least not in a big way. They are just giving everyone a good show………….why? Guess we will have to wait and see what happens. If he is elected there will be a reason behind it and that is what we should probably worry about. I could see several scenarios play out and none of them will be good.

BTW a big clue for me is the issue of building a wall. It’s such nonsense and just telling people what they want to hear. There is no need to build a wall. Simply enforce the existing labor laws and implement the fines for those that are working illegally. If the fines are high enough and the jail terms for the employers are long enough then there is no need to spend tax payer dollars on a wall. It makes zero sense so why even promote such an idea. It’s pandering to emotion and that tells me Trump is probably not the real deal.

BTW since Randy touched on the second amendment in previous podcasts. Turkey is a good example of what can happen. It can happen that fast for whatever reason the dissenters are rounded up even if it’s a made up reason. BTW for those that have been paying attention everything has been put into place over the last few years to make the rounding up here easier. That is why the second amendment is there not that it even matters as much with the advancement in technology that makes it all almost useless. How do explain to those that don’t get it that there are evil people in the world. They don’t think like me and you. They are usually psychopaths because history clearly shows psychopaths lust for positions of power over people and resources.

M Petrus

I’m from Chicago and people tend to forget when Obama was running for Senate in the primary he was losing but fortunately for him his opponent had his sealed divorce records leaked to the press which gave Obama the slot. Then he was way down in the polls against the Republican opponent who also conveniently had his sealed child custody records released to the press forcing him to drop out. Then they moved in Alan Keyes an outsider who was sure to lose. All of a sudden this guy who comes out of nowhere is president. People need to be open to the possibility that this is all orchestrated and whoever is there is there for a reason. Yes you thought you voted for him and put him into office………….maybe it wasn’t really like that.

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