022. Vegetarianism – Part III – The World Of Muscle

022. Vegetarianism – Part III

Raw Food Eating

Well, it looks like the vegetarian question just keeps coming so we decided to do one more episode on this topic. 

Randy expands more on vegetarian and raw food eating as it pertained to our bodybuilding history.

Much of this material is covered in Volume I of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors, but there’s some additional commentary to make things more interesting.

This topic has been, and probably always will be, a very controversial issue so feel free to pipe in any comments of your own.

01:27 Today’s topic is a continuation of Veganism which is a pretty popular topic these days especially among women.

01:38 Randy pointed out that this is a take off from the last show where Arnold suggested that we should become vegetarian or vegan for the reason of saving the planet.

02:24 Randy shares his experience with being a vegan. In the 80s, Randy got caught up in the low fat and the cholesterol hyperbole that cholesterol is killing people. He read an article about how raw food and veganism produced a lot of healing. Randy tried it to prevent his eyesight from leaving.

03:36 Randy added that it was a disaster from a bodybuilding standpoint, he lost 30 lbs. really fast. He got sick the first weekend, lost bodyweight very quickly, lost of strength and tremendous body odor.

05:21 Harvey Diamond wrote the Fit for Life 2 and mentioned in the book that if you want to get big, you need to eat more carbohydrates. Randy followed that and started to get fat. He went from 180lbs to 147lbs and back to 165lbs but it is all body fat.

06:00 Randy mentioned that he stuck with this for 4 years and about 1990s he had broken out in his face with boils and cysts. He went to a dermatologist, they said that they cannot help him, cannot give him steroids because of his eye condition without asking him about his lifestyle, stress, and diet. He never saw an orthodox physician for 12 years after that.

09:26 Randy mentioned that this is the most dramatic change in his physique all his life. He switched his diet to 4 meals a day and his diet changed dramatically. Regained his strength and the fat his melting so fast because he is eating properly.

11:53 Randy started deadlifting again up to 500 lbs, that’s how much of a difference a diet made on him. Randy mentioned that it’s peoples choice to be a vegan but he thinks that they are putting themselves in jeopardy.

UPDATES: Biography is going to the website. Book sales are going well. The reviews are great.

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