021. Arnold Encourages Vegetarianism – Part II – The World Of Muscle

021. Arnold Encourages Vegetarianism – Part II

Randy’s 4.5 Year Stint With Veganism

In the last episode, Randy really went off on the subject of vegetarian and/or vegan eating.

It is a highly controversial issue which both Randy and Tamas have dealt with many times over the years. 

Randy wished to recount his experience (almost five years) as a strict vegan back in the mid-1980s.

He has a unique experience which demonstrated just how powerful diet is for building muscle, especially in Randy‘s situation back in the 1980s and 1990s.

If you’re contemplating following the advice of Arnold Schwarzenegger to become vegetarian, you may want to listen to this show.

00:46 The podcast topic was an article about Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about being a

03:16 Randy mentioned that in the U.N Climate Change Conference in Paris, Arnold is saying that we should become vegetarians. He is just going with the political powers are telling him to go. because the whole climate change is totally controversial. Al Gore’s movie, the inconvenient truth has been debunked, it tells you about the 3000 scientists who agree and not tell you about the tens of thousands of scientists who aren’t part of UN who disagrees.

04:37 Randy added that this is more or less a big step in world taxing. They set this all up, who orchestrated the industry. redo the industrial map where every single country, takes its resources. instead of developing its own resources they shipped them out to another country to do whatever with this resources and then they ship them around so they create this huge carbon footprint and then turn around and blame us and then they tax us, basically they are taxing us on a natural gas.

06:42 It is a misconception that they say the world that big industrial agriculture to feed animals is destroying the planet. The argument is even the other way than to go vegetarian would be just as destructive to the environment.

07:04 Randy pointed out that the problem is we’re doing all this mono farming for GMO crops, they get corn, soy, and wheat. We’re killing the soils by not properly replenishing them.

07:20 Monocropping is either just going with soy, just corn, just wheat, just one crop. How they use to do it in the old days is they rotate the crops. They have multipurpose farms. Now they are not putting the fertilizers properly, they are just putting 3 chemicals which is nitrogen, potassium, and calcium and it is destroying the soils.

08:42 Randy mentioned that they love a vegetarian world because they can control so much better because with animal products, they are perishable, either you have to eat them fresh or you freeze them. All these products we shouldn’t be eating, they can mass produce them, store them, ship them anywhere they want.

09:50 Randy added that the general public has been so indoctrinated, a lot of people still struggle with fat because of the fear that has been embedded in them for 30 years.

11:39 Randy talks about his experience being a vegan.

13:31 Randy discussed every vegan he knows who abandoned veganism and some are due to health problems and irreparable damages.

15:31 Randy mentioned that small farms in America are disappearing, they have been totally absorbed into this giant Agribusiness which practice confined animal feeding operations. This where diseases are coming, this is not the way we’re supposed to be treating animals, this is not the way we’re supposed to raise animals.

16:13 They want the food supply in the hands of fewer people, very powerful people and it is going on for a long time.

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Joe Breen

Great show guys, 5 years as a vegan is brutal! Good insight about the lifestyle

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