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020. Arnold Encourages Vegetarianism

Is Arnold suffering from Methane Madness?

For much of the 20th century the bodybuilder’s best muscle building friend, the cow, has served up milk, cream, butter, cheese, beef, liver, heart and even his very hide for lifting gloves and belts.

Unfortunately, our bovine buddy has also been accused of late for farting holes through the Earth’s ozone thus threatening our very demise.

Compounding this plight, modern day animal husbandry has also fallen within the firing lines for its contributions to greenhouse emissions.

At the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference held through late November and early December of 2015, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who himself has digested a few cows in his day, did an interview where he recommended that we either cut back on our meat consumption or even take a more drastic step and become vegetarian. 

Is Arnold serious about this or has he just been standing too close and inhaling too much from farm stock sphincters?

You might have guessed by now that Randy might just have an opinion on Arnold’s  dietary suggestions, especially after spending years researching just how the Austrian Oak operates.

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Joe Breen

Great episode guys, so true great work guys, let me know anyway I can help.

Jim Bryan

Arnold is a promoter, mostly of himself.

M Petrus

Listened to almost all the podcasts and this one is my favorite. Great message and I have been on the same page for at least the last 2 decades. One must consistently stay informed with information that is not marketing disguised as information especially where health is concerned.

Unfortunately those that lust for power (politicians) generally have psychopathic tendencies which is never good for those they consider the slaves.

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