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016. Milk Raid In Ontario

In this episode Randy and Tamas recount what horrendous practices the Canadian government uses to protect big business.  How wasteful they are with their taxpayers’ money.

Michael Schmidt’s co-operative dairy farm was raided to make sure he’s producing raw milk, even, though he’s been open about it and has been asking for a dialogue with the government to discuss it for over 20 years.

To date, this is at least the third “milk raid” of his farm.

Have a listen to discover what’s really going on with your right to choose what you eat/drink.

00:28 Randy introduced the topic which is the raid that happened on a dairy farm in Ontario.

01:03 Michael Schmidt who is a farmer, gaining a little bit of international reputation because of his battle against the government. He was raided back in 1994 which started with a documentary about him which was supposed to be neutral. He, on the air, made the mistake of saying “this is going to revolutionize the dairy industry”

03:06 Tamas mentioned that his cows got killed during the raid in 1994, it hasn’t been proven who did it but his cows literally got killed that night, his barn was ransacked numerous times and he was down to literally two cows.

03:35 Randy mentioned that the raid happened again in November 2006. This time, Michael was and his family were ready and pulled their cameras out. About twenty armed officials came in with rifles drawn, his computer was taken and his cheese equipment. The media got there quickly it is more of a subtle raid as compared to 1994.

04:31 Tamas mentioned that the armed officials were wondering why they are raiding a dairy farm which is producing so little milk.

05:56 Randy thought that this is also politics and business to protect the milk industry status quo.

07:39 Randy added that the people who get milk from Michael actually own shares on the farm. So they are actually owners of the farm and it is legal up here to drink milk from your own farm. When tried to raid the farm again, a lot of shareholders got there in time and had a standoff and these people are outraged and the government left without taking anything.

08:25 Randy pointed out that they cannot win this, the only way that they can win this is to outright say that “you are in a tyrannical police state”. They don’t have science on their side, they don’t have history on their side, they don’t have a rationale and common sense on their side. They just have some other business politics that are trying to say “we will tell you what you can and can’t eat” and nobody accepts that because nobody has the right to tell another person what they can and cannot have for their own health.

10:04 Tamas explained that history is kind of repeating itself because it is the same as what the Romans did when they conquered different countries.

10:50 Randy added that these people who controlled our food supply would like us to eat genetically modified irradiated chemically drenched garbage.

16:49 Randy mentioned that they don’t want us full of whole natural raw food, they want us full of chemicals.

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