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017. Roach Rants On Rousey

Several months ago Randy ranted about what he referred to as a grotesque payout to boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.  He’s been a fight fan going back to March of 1971 when Joe Frazier beat Ali in their “fight of the Century”. 

He has boxed a bit himself while taking Karate back in the 1970s.  At least this is what he tells me!  😉

In this episode, Randy rants once again, but this time it is what he refers to as a grotesque over hyping and marketing of the UFC’s (Ultimate Fighting Championships) women’s champion Ronda Rousey.   Check out his comments on Ronda’s loss to Holly Holm this past Saturday, November 14, 2015.

00:38 Randy thought that someone might think that this podcast was a little bit out of context but a few months ago he did a little rant regarding on the grotesque overpayment of athletes regarding the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight. The overemphasis of on the hype on the marketing of athletics.

01:41 Randy mentioned that he is a fan of UFC bot, not the women’s division because the gene pool is so shallow and it is just getting started. Typically with sports, there is this grotesque over marketing and overhype of this new phenomena especially around Ronda Rousey. Arnold Schwarzenegger is saying that she is the female terminator, Stallone saying that she has redefined what a fighter looks like. Even Joe Rogan, the commentator for UFC said she’s not a one who comes around for a lifetime.

02:56 Ronda is a world-class judo competitor, she is a world-class judo competitor, she is not a boxer, in MMA, the athlete should typically a jack of all trade and a master of none.

03:42 Randy mentioned that the women UFC is in its infancy, the gene pool is very shallow, but the hype on Ronda was over the top.

04:11 Ronda fought Holley Holmes, Holmes is a three-time world boxing champion, a seasoned striker. In this fight Ronda, started to believe in her own hype at marketing, she has the confidence and arrogance and the stupidity of his coach to throw her judo aside and come out and she is going to stand and strike and knockout this pro-boxer who turned MMA fighter. Ronda got hammered, in between the first and second round, her coach told her that she was doing great.

06:21 Rogan was caught up in the hype too. He was one of the people who quickly realize the skills of Holley Holmes.

10:46 Randy thought that this is good for MMA and good also for Ronda, it is a wake-up call for her, you’re good but you are not good as you think you are. She is not a world class striker, she is judo competitor but not a world class striker.


UPDATE: The book has been sent to the printer and hopefully we will get back in four weeks.


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Jim Bryan

Well said Randy on the Rousey holms fight. I’ll give you a call

Robert Saar

Nice work Randy, as always great perspective, wisdom, and information. Looking forward to the new book!

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