015. Volume III Book 1 Update – The World Of Muscle

015. Volume III Book 1 Update

The Prologue for the third volume of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors is out along with a concept for the front cover.  The feedback has been very positive but questions still abound about Volume III Book 1.

In this episode Randy and Tamas cover where the release of the next installment is at along with some estimates of its release.

00:33 Tamas mentioned that they haven’t released a podcast episode for awhile and the reason is that they have been working on photos for the Book 1 of Volume 3 of the book. Randy pointed out that there are around 41 photos for this book.

02:04 Tamas mentioned that this podcast is an update for the book. Randy added that there are two formats. one for ebook and one for soft cover.

03:18 Randy advised that the response of the prologue has been very good and it is already out.

10:47 Tamas mentioned that he is hoping that this book could be out by November but he cannot promise.

11:02 Randy mentioned that book 2 might be out this summer.

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Jim Bryan

Randy is the one I turn to for real information on the Sport of Body Building, and Weight Lifting. He is also my main source for anything about diet and supplements. Anything Randy writes is a gold mine of information. Everything he says is backed up by years of research. I always look forward to our conversations, I learn something from every one of them.

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