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014. Possible Dangers Of Fermented Cod Liver Oil

You may have perhaps heard of the recent controversy surrounding fermented cod liver oil and the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF).

Dr. Kaayla Daniels, vice president of the WAPF, released a very condemning lab report on Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil, a product fully endorsed by the WAPF.

We thought this issue was important as both cod liver oil and the works of Dr. Weston A. Price are interlocked with the history of nutrition in bodybuilding and fitness.

Randy touched upon these connections in Volume I of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors.

In our analysis, we try to be fair and call it down the middle as to whether Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil has been legitimately scrutinized by Dr. Daniels.

00:34 Tamas introduced the topic which is the “Possible Dangers of Fermented Cod Liver Oil”. Randy added that the topic is being covered because it is related to bodybuilding and the fitness industry.

00:54 Randy covered Dr. Weston Price in volume 1 of Muscle, Smokes, and Mirrors. He was a prominent dentist in the early 20th century, he’s a Canadian, he is born in Newburgh, Ontario. Dr. Proce was mostly known for his research especially in Nutrition. His real prominence came when he published his book in 1929 called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration which was based in the 10 years in the 1930s where he traveled the world studying the indigenous primitive tribes.

02:46 Randy mentioned that Dr. Price was an advocate of using cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil.

05:01 Randy mentioned that the works of Dr. Price influenced the bodybuilding and nutritional pioneers.

06:06 Randy mentioned that from 2006 on, the Price Foundation started really heavily promoting Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures and their relationship was with Green Pasture is not fully known. There must have been an agreement or relationship between Green Pastures and the Price Foundation.

07:02 Some people were starting to question how you fermented cod liver oil and some people were having a little bit of sensitivity about it.

07:38 By 2014 there was a controversy brewing at Weston Price foundation because there are some people who expressed dissatisfaction about the cod liver oil.

08:31 Randy discussed that Dr. Kaayla Daniels who was the Vice President if WAPF heard some rumblings behind the scene, some dissatisfaction, and concerns about the cod liver oil.

08:53 Dr. Daniels suggested that the product should be tested and not just relying on the Wetzels own testing and their word that this is all good. This was met with some resistance. She took it upon herself to have the Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Green Pastures High Vitamin Butter Oil tested in several labs. The results were not good and she wrote a report and just came back 2 weeks ago. The report came back stating that:

1. It’s Rancid
2. Vitamins A, D, E and K are much lower than promoted.
3. It did not have an EPA to DHA as promoted and,
4. it has Transfats.

10:41 Tamas added that about 5 years ago, they have stopped putting the ingredients on the label. Stating that it wasn’t exact science each time, each time could have a little more or a little less.

11:59 Dr. Ron Schmid wrote his own report stating how his health deteriorated tremendously, he attributes it to excessive amounts of cod liver oil. Dr. Scmid has been using cod liver oil for over 25 years. By 2012, his health deteriorated and he was diagnosed with severe heart conditions.

17:58 Randy talks about the difference between Rancidity and Fermented.

19:03 Randy mentioned that in the field of Nutrition “One man Rancidity is another man’s Medicine”.

26:53 A lot of people are questioning if you can ferment cod liver.

28:57 Randy mentioned that the foundation is sticking to the product. other people who have taken the product has stepped up to back them and other people have stepped up and have shown concern and sensitivity with the product.

36:36 Tamas mentioned the main take away from the podcast which “Buy or Beware”.

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