002. Bodybuilding Judging – The World Of Muscle

002. Bodybuilding Judging

The topic of this episode is the problems with bodybuilding judging.  Are contests fixed or have they been in the past?  If so, why?  What does Arnold think about all of this and what hand has he had in it if any at all?  He definitely has an opinion.

00:50 Tamas introduced the topic which is “Bodybuilding Judging”, mentioned about the recent message of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the judges of the Arnold Classics.

00:59 Randy discuss his opinions about bodybuilding judging as it is being done today.

01:29 Tamas played the tape of Arnold addressing the crowd/audience at the Arnold Classic discussing his views on today’s judging.

05:59 Randy talks about how the Arnold speech is relevant to the listeners, to the sports and how it relates back to the old days of judging.

08:53 Randy mentioned about how the bodybuilding contest was often fixed.

11:30 From the speech of Arnold made, many were commending him but some are calling him a hypocrite for what happened back in 1980-81.

12:01 Tamas considered it as a very good speech if it holds any water, it is relevant because it is going to change the direction of the sport.

15:31 Randy advised the listeners to stop competing because it is not safe unless the change the judging criteria.

16:50 Randy mentioned that they can never get drugs out of this sport but they can lessen it.

18:17 Randy mentioned that the sport had perfect opportunities to take it into the right direction but they have blown it.

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Jeff Preston

Randy and Tamas…. SO WELL DONE! To the point, so the length of the podcast is perfect!
Randy is absolutely correct, get rid of the the current judges! Even if retrained they would fall back to what they know. I doubt any of them could pass a simple body proportion test. Balance and symmetry are antiquated criteria evidently nowadays. How many Olympia competitors can you name that have arms and calves the same size? That’s right none! Who has calves anymore. They might but the enormity of the thighs, that show none of the detail even Arnold did in the 70’s, overshadow them!
Now Arnold’s speech was great , we’ve all been preaching about it for years so now what? One thing Arnold could do to put his money where his mouth is make his show a non IFBB event! The IFBB benefits not Arnold and Jim Lorimer. They run a non sanctioned show with actual judging by true bodybuilding standards it would cause the IFBB to actually rethink their position, after all it has to be a bigger cash cow that the Olympia. If the IFBB bans those that compete nothing is lost, they’re not being awarded now. And being more marketable would stand to make more money in the long run. Arnold wouldn’t be totally abandoning the IFBB he would be showing them some tough love, it’s long overdue!



    I agree totally with Arnold and Lorimer running their Classics without IFBB sanctioning. They don’t need an organization at the professional level. They just need $$$ prizes to lure the athletes.

Joe Breen

Great show guys, I agree you have some valid points, I think a good person to bring in would be Denny Kakos, who heads the INBA/ PNBA and hosts the Natural Mr. Universe and the Natural Mr. Olympia, he tests athletes by WADA standards and is petitioning now to get the Natural Mr. Olympia on Network TV. His site is http://www.naturalbodybuilding.com. Anyway looking forward to the next show, there are tons of things to talk about such as our broken health care system, and how natural medicine and a return to the principles of Weston A Price. Keep Up The Good Work Guys!


    Thanks Joe, we intend to hit all these topics.

Jeremy Mull

Great podcast! Have both of Mr. Roach’s earlier books and eagerly awaiting anything else. As far as I’m concerned you guys could have a 3 hour show and I’d still listen to each one! Keep up the great work!



    Randy could go on for 3 hours easily. The big question is: how coherent would I be after the first hour? 😉

Jim Bryan

Well said! Randy is my “go to guy” for the truth about weight training.


    Truth is that Jim was my first go to guy when I began Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors back in 2002. I was privileged to meet this fascinating man back in late 1999 when the bastard called me at midnight. 😉

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