003. Don Howorth – Duke Of Delts – The World Of Muscle

003. Don Howorth – Duke Of Delts

In this episode, you’ll discover what Don Howorth, 1967 Mr. America is up to today.  Don is turning 80 this year sharing his birthday with a number of very famous other people associated with the muscle game.  You’ll also find out a bit about shoulder training on theworldofmuscle.com.

00:29 Tamas mentioned how they came to talking about Don Howorth.

01:05 Randy talks about the existence of Don Howorth’s shoulder routine. Randy didn’t know the name of such routine. He called it as the “Duke of Delts” in volume one of Muscle, Smoke, and Mirrors.

02:15 Don Howorth is going to be 80 years old this coming November 9th and he still does personal training. He shares the same birthday with Ed Corney, Lou Ferrigno, Bob Hoffman and Vince Gironda.

03:43 Randy described Don as an individualist, he trained somewhat different, had this neat little gimmicks and tricks that he did in terms of training.

03:58 Randy mentioned that Don has still those tricks and has a unique way of training people.

04:06 Randy talks about the possibility of a short course about delts with Don.

04:21 Tamas opened an invitation to the listeners if they are interested in hearing from Don, how he trains his clients and how he trains his own shoulders.

04:40 Randy mentioned that it took him many years to develop his own way of hitting those muscles directly. Randy also mentioned how swinging the dumb bell doesn’t work.

05:16 Randy pointed out that it is really hard to explain how it works. He mentioned that some of the people don’t realize just how much developing the rear delts really means. Most of the time they are swinging it, use too much weight and start shrugging. When people get the technique down and start with a lightweight and higher reps they can get strong with those muscles.

07:50 Randy mentioned that he has a pressing bar where you can do overhead presses without hitting yourself in the head with the bar.

11:16 Randy talks about what Don is up to these days.

14:36 Tamas asked the listeners to forward their questions for Don to them thru email or comments below.


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Steve Speyrer

I vote for a Don Howorth course!



    Don now has the old course to look through, thanks to you!


Here is my vote for more Don Howorth information!

Jancel Conroy

Excellent interview yeah I think we’ll be awesome idea to have a course on shoulders. I also think you should bring Don to have an interview and share some of his experiences with clients. Also it would be interesting to see how he’s doing now and how different training is at 80

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