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001. Introduction And Update On Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors

The fate of the third volume of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors has been up in the air for years.  This, introductory, episode sheds light on what is happening while explains the reasons behind recording conversations between Randy Roach and Tamas Acs.

00:32 Tamas asked Randy to introduce the book Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors. Randy discussed the contents of the book such as the History of Nutrition, the origins of bodybuilding out of physical culture and the iron game.

01:03 Randy discussed the first volume of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors which covered the 60s which is considered a point where the whole world changes not only in the field of Athletics and Bodybuilding. The rise of Aerobics and Running, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Arthur Jones coming into the scene.

02:14 Randy talks about how Arthur Jones and Nautilus took the equipment to the next evolution and how he impacted bodybuilding. How Arthur pushed the weight and resistance training, how he wanted so much to move exercise into the medical field and expanding strength training for sports.

04:29 Tamas pointed out that the records of bodybuilding are mostly available in the magazines however the more you dug the more you realize that some of it are not as accurate as it is written.

04:40 Randy mentioned that there has been a lot of memoirs and autobiographies done by some of the bodybuilders but when they write their story it is not often accurate and you will get different versions from them.

08:05 Tamas explained the good thing about the book, the facts were stated and let the reader decide how they see it based on whatever they know or whatever their perceptions are.

14:11 Randy talks about the initial draft of volume one six years ago which isn’t nearly complete.

14:43 Tamas talks about the beauty of volume three book one is that it is recent enough and the people that are in it are still alive and well and are able to contribute as compared to when Randy wrote about the 1920s where it is hard to find someone who is active that time who can help.

15:16 Randy explained that the book can be a double-edged sword being more recent, there are more people available and alive, people are very curious as to see which direction the book might be going.

16:22 Randy mentioned that he is in partnership with Tamas on the third volume of the book and they’re looking for a way to expand the world of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors beyond than being just books. More services can be offered in terms of equipment, training, diet supplements. Randy mentioned that these podcasts will be dealing with various aspects of what Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors encompasses.

20:06 Tamas mentioned about notification about updates on volume three, new podcasts and topics through signing up at theworldodmuscle.com.

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I will take any new material any way you decide to release it. Just excited you have decided to continue. This is great news and look forward to any future projects you both do. Thanks guys.


    Thank you, Mark.


Great news!
Looking forward to some new reading material 🙂


    Anders, this is the closest we’ve been to getting the book out so stay tuned.


I have to admit I loved the fact that the first two volumes where huge books. And another volume would have looked well on my bookshelf, but I’ll take the next volume in any format that’s going. I’m just glad that the project is continuing. There really is nothing else like it.


    Thanks Jason. If I could snap my fingers and have the project complete, I would have also liked to have seen three nice big volumes. However, as I stated in the podcast and in a previous post, this was just looking too daunting at this point. Finishing Volume III of Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors in smaller projects simply offers me a path of lesser resistance. Besides, Book 1 has so, so much more on the subject of Arnold’s and Franco’s return that I believe and hope that the completed smaller book series will have brought you more honest and in-depth storyline.

Rob Currie

Hi Randy, thanks for the note. Very happy for you that Muscle Smoke and mirrors is doing so well. Iam still squating hard on my Pendulum 395 x 10 reps will turn 60 this year. All the best. Rob Currie.


    That is a great performance oldtimer! 😉 That Pendulum squat is awesome. I still live off of my version on the multi unit. For those reading, Rob was very helpful to me right from the get go for Muscle, Smoke & Mirrors. He supplied me with some good material. Thank you again Rob.


Looking very forward to your new endeavor!


    Thanks Steve. We’re looking forward to delivering.

Vaibhav Goel

Great start guys. I have been friends with Tamas for a few decades and met Randy in 2013. Looking forward to what further information you guys come up with.

My requests for information would be your view on currently popular programs like 5/3/1 etc. and what are your recommendations for gaining size without compromising health


    We address some of your questions in a coming episode dealing with my 45 pound weight gain from July of 2014 to April of this year.

    I have no problem with the 5,4,3,2,1 protocol if form is perfect and controlled in a full range.

    Bob Hoffman with York advocated this as one of the various ways to hit 15 repetitions as all five sets add up to 15. He would do a drop set also of eight then seven. Doing your 5,4,3,2,1 scheme would be challenging with say 30 seconds only between sets.

Anibal Lopez

Good interview with Randy Roach


    Thanks Anibal!

Shawn Stone

I absolutely devoured, underlined, highlighted and marked up my copies of both books with many notes and they remain my favourite Iron Game reads to this day – and I’ve read EVERYTHING in this sport which I’ve committed over 20 years to. Recently I went overseas and I left many of my possessions back in Australia that I couldn’t take with me; I’d therefore appreciate if you could re-release both Vol 1 and 2 as Kindle copies if possible, together with any future publications. Heck, if you wanted to do an audio book, I’d buy that too!

I’ve been waiting many years for Volume 3 and am excited that it might one day be a reality in whatever form!

Keep the podcasts coming…I’m loving what I’ve listened to so far.


    Hi Shawn, thanks for your support on the books. We fully intend to release both Volume I and Volume II in e:book. The plan is to release in smaller sections. We have also explored voice, but the demand for this has not been high. I also want to get the prologue and a future chapter out for free electronically. Tamas is just dragging his ass on this.

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