If you realize you have conflicting thoughts and beliefs and some make no sense, it's not your fault.

Have you tried every training fad, all the routines the pros have used?  All the diets the magazines, tv programs and all the gurus have been able to come up with?  If so, how did they work?

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine And Your Medicine Be Thy Food." - Hippocrates

There are deeper forces working here than just calories in and calories out.  Starting with taking control of your own mind and making decisions based on facts rather than emotions.

In this book:

Discover The Facts

The facts are documented in history, you just need to know where to look.

Question Everything

Don't just take our word for it, research it yourself.  Always question everything.

Take Action

The only way to truly know something is to experience it for yourself.

"Great information it’s all connected and if you can understand where your beliefs are coming from you can then start to question what you believe."

- Mike P

"It's Not Just The Food In Your Life, It's Also The Life In Your Food." - Randy Roach

The Raw Food Series is an expanding compilation of 10 podcasts, over 30 thousand words of show notes and additional direct application episodes for both sedentary individuals and bodybuilding enthusiasts.

The series aired from early June through mid August of 2016.

The subject matter varied significantly from raw food diet tips to the social engineering of the politics that govern how we think of food and how it is prepared and consumed.

What This eBook Empowers You With:

Episode One:
The Politics of Belief

How you think is the result of your external environment. This is a very bold claim to make. Do we really have free will? How susceptible are we to suggestion? Are the masters of puppets just pulling our strings? Could there be unseen forces influencing us or is that all just another “conspiracy theory”?

In this episode we have lined up 7 historical quotes to set up the foundation of the topic of raw food eating. Some explanations on why we might react a certain way. What you hear might turn your stomach in disgust or you may just turn it off half way in disbelief and return your head in the sand. Either way, to do the main topic justice, we must start at the beginning.

Episode Two: Indoctrination

Continuing the foundation of your current beliefs, this episode reveals how the seeds of your belief structure was planted VERY early on in your life. It actually began with your education. Let’s walk through the history of how the education system was taken over and discuss who were responsible for such bold maneuvering.

Episode Three: The Big Dietary Dumb-Down

The best way to derail progress is to nip it in the bud. In the case of dietary practices, remove common sense in the name of convenience and profit. After listening to Episode One and Episode Two of the series on raw food eating, you likely realize how much of society has been influenced by a select few.

This episode continues uncovering the dumbing down of dietary practices around the time massive nutritional discoveries were made. A growing food industry and its dirty laundry (specifically filthy milk and meat production practices) was swept under the carpet.

Sir Albert Howard documented over a hundred years ago the relationship between the health of the soil and that of the people. Sick soil produces sick plants and livestock, which produce weak and sick individuals. No wonder more and more people get sicker and sicker these days.

Episode Four: The Hegelian Dialectic And The Orlando Shooting

What does the Orlando shooting have to do with raw food eating you ask? On the surface, very little. What’s a Hegelian Dialectic and do you eat that with a fork or a spoon? When you look behind the curtains, or more literally, review this episode, you’ll see how they’re related. For that exact reason Randy and Tamas decided to discuss this topic, which fits right into their previous three episodes on raw food eating, and how your belief system is being architected with false flags.

This is THE most controversial topic to date so either get ready to have your beliefs challenged or simply skip this episode.

Episode Five:
Why Raw?

This chapter explains Randy’s journey and what got him to where he is today, a sought after source of raw food eating. You’ll find out what led him to even try a diet full of raw animal products and why he’s so convinced this is the best way for him to eat. Find out who and what knocked Randy out of conventional thinking.

Episode Six:
The "Yuck" Factor!

Why would anyone want to eat raw meat? How bad must it get before one even considers it? This episode gives you a glimpse at what it was like to start eating raw for Randy and even other people’s experiences eating this way. What happens when you eat a rotten raw egg? This episode tells you just that. And of course there is Randy’s adventure with raw chicken so listen in to hear what happened when he ate some raw chicken that was sitting on his counter for a LONG while. Interestingly however, Randy also divulges the most dramatic physical changes he has ever experienced through diet

Episode Seven:
The Fear Factor

When you do something different than the majority of society, you’re bound to be looked upon strangely. Eating raw foods seem ok with most people, as long as they’re vegetables and fruits. Raw milk is already pushing the envelope with most due to what the previous episodes have covered, namely propaganda in the educational system and in our homes.

​When you bring up eating raw meat, the fear factor is off the charts. People’s reactions go from a weird look to violent gagging. What about other repercussions of being publicly open about eating raw meat?

Episode Eight:
The Cholesterol Factor!

Is Cholesterol Really Bad? You’ve likely grown up reading and hearing that cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. It’s evil, it’s bad for you and you want as little of it as possible! There are pills that will lower your cholesterol and if your cholesterol is higher than a certain number, you are advised to take those pills.

You’ve heard it enough times that we bet you even believed it or may still believe it to be true.

What those who demonize cholesterol fail to tell you is why your body needs cholesterol. Its role, benefits, where it comes from and how it became demonized on faulty data.

Episode Nine: Raw Food Eating Tips / Recipes

In this episode you’ll hear what Randy and Tamas first started eating in its raw state. Beginning with the least yucky and easy to consume to what only the most daring will even try.

Some delicious, healthy and easy to prepare recipes are covered to get one started on a raw food lifestyle.

Episode Ten:
Raw Food Series Summary

It’s taken 9 episodes to cover the what, why and how of raw food eating. This episode summarizes the key takeaways from the series

"This is beyond brilliant you guys are continuing to challenge the myths and misconceptions that are pushed on us daily by the powers that be, keep up the good work guys!"

- Joe B

What You’ll Get...

An eye opening, belief challenging, empowering, fact filled, at times disturbing, good time.

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Anything you ever thought about food will be explained. The Why, The What and The How.

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"Really enjoying the podcasts…been eating mostly raw since 2010. No huge mass gains, but the difference regarding how I feel both in general and post-meals is night and day."

- Adam R

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​Randy and Tamas have recorded two new "How To" episodes. After discovering the what and the how of your beliefs, these two recordings will teach you how you too can benefit from the information.

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You can also keep your head in the sand and be the one asking a friend of yours what they're doing that gives them such vibrancy. It's up to you to be a leader or a follower. (There's nothing wrong with either.)

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